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Jiangyin wanda plastic products co., LTD., located in jiangnan economic town - jiangyin lu bridge, and the famous huaxi village. Company specializing in the production of high - density polyethylene (HDPE) water supply pipe enterprises. The company has a complete set of 320-4000 tons of computer automatic control PE injection molding machine more than 20 sets, which has injection capacity of 300 kg, 4000 tons of injection molding machine, more than 1000 pairs of special mold, can produce 20-1200mm diameter PE water pipe fittings, 1.0-2.0 cubic PP/PE septic tank, the annual production capacity of more than 15,000 tons.

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Company name: jiangyin yida plastic products co. LTD

MOBILE PHONE:13801520360 15335212688
WECHAT NUM:15335212688
ADD:Jiangyin Yiwanda Plastic Products Co., Ltd., Yiwen Industrial Zone, Luqiao Village, Luqiao, Huashi Town, Jiangyin City

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